Watch Tatara Samurai 2017 Online: A Review

Tatara Samurai is a 2017 Japanese movie which directed by Yoshinari Nishikori the lead roles of this movie are cast by Sho Aoyagi and Naoki Kobayashi. The movie is released on May 20, 2017, in Japan. 

Movie Profile

Tatara SamuraiCountry: Japan

Language: Japanese

Genere: History, Drama 

Romaji Title: Tatara Samurai

Native Name Title:たたら侍。

Release Date: May 20, 2017

Cast By: Sho Aoyagi, Naoki Kobayashi, Tomoko Tabata, Yoshiko Miyazaki, Kosuke Toyohara, Takashi Sasano, Anna Ishii, Masahiro Komoto, Akira and Tomoko Naraoka

Tatara Samurai 2017 Story and Review

Tatra Samurai movie is based on the village of Tatra who is forging it steal which posess great strenght.

Gosuke (Sho Aoyagi) comes from a family in Tatara that are master swordmakers, but he wants to become a samurai. Meanwhile, guns are becoming more important in warfare and forces are soon to converge on the village.


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