Watch Ow 2017 Online: A Review

Ow  is a 2017 Japanese movie which directed by Yohei Suzuki Ichii and the lead roles of this movie are cast by Kaoru Iida and Masatoshi Kihara. The movie is released on January 7, 2017, in Japan. Cinematographer of the film is done by Yohei Kashiwada and it produced by Samori Imamura and Sho Ikeda.

Movie Profile

OwCountry: Japan

Language: Japanese

Genere: Life, Drama 

Romaji Title: Maru

Native Name Title: 2017

Release Date: January 7, 2017

Cast By:  Kaoru Iida, Masatoshi Kihara, Sari Kaneko, Sho Ikeda, Shigeko Tanaka, Hitomi Karube, Yuya Matsuura, Shoji Omiya and Rock Murakami

Ow  2017 Story and Review

Ow is a young man who doesn’t have a job and sleeps all the day. His father also an unemployed and his grand mother got dementia issues.

His mother suffers the exhausted lifestyle of their family and their daily routines. However, this young men and his girlfriend get shocked after an orb like an object more appear in his room.

The movie was selected to several international film festivals such as Osaka Asian Film Festival and Vancouver International Film Festival.