Watch Angel is Dead 2017 Korean Movie Online: A Review

Angel is Dead is a Korean movie which was directed by Lee Joon-Ik. The roles of this movie are cast by Kim Hwa-Yeon, Shin Won-Ho and Yoon Ye-Hee. The movie falls under romantic drama category which releases on June 28, 2017.  

Angel is DeadCountry: South Korea

Language: Korean

Category: Drama, Romance

Native Name Title: Parkyeol, 박열 2017

Release Date: June 28, 2017

Directed By: Lee Joon-Ik

Cast By: Kim Hwa-Yeon, Shin Won-Ho and Yoon Ye-Hee

Anarchist from Colony 2017 Movie Plot

Angel is Dead 2017 movie is about a person named Do-Kyung (Shin Won-Ho) who has been discharged from a military and he was boat ahead to and isolated island.

In this island, he meets a girl named Ga-In and they meet again and spend the night together.

However, Ga-In’s got great passion toward Do-Kyung but he wants to get away from her. The movie also falls into the trilogy of director No Zin-Soo’s movies.

The first two movies are The Suffered | Pihaejadeul (2014) and Death in Desert | Jit2: Bulkeun Nakta (2015)